War On Kharijis

Troops arrive at a troubled area in Lahore after the TTP launched multiple attacks hitting FIA building, Manawan Police School and Elite Police Academy.15 October 2009

Gunners aim their guns towards TTP positions in Peochar valley in Swat. Sept 2009

Soldiers stand next to dead TTP militants killed in Swat.

Soldier search for Taliban (TTP) militants in tunnel during offensive in Swat.

TTP spokesman Maulvi Omar after arrest. August2009

Fate of TTP - Takfiri TTP militants face the rage of locals in Swat

Soldiers stand next to mortar in Makeen in FATA.

TTP Khariji militants killed in combat 

Commandos from Anti Terrorist Unit Zarrar Company leave after completing an assault against Lal Masjid Khariji-Takfiri militants.

A commando of Zarrar Company in plain clothes runs across a street during exchange of gunfire with Takfiri militants of Lal Masjid in Islamabad.

Troops in North Waziristan Agency. 21 April 2005

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