War On Kharijis

After 9/11 incident, when the global scenario changed and US was committed to invade Afghanistan, it aggressively sought Pakistan's cooperation to invade Afghanistan as it strategically viewed only Pakistan for making its way into Afghanistan.

This dangerous scenario pressed Pakistan in a critical situation where a decision had to be made. After analyzing the insensitive condition of the Muslim world and the military cooperation keenly offered by India to US, there was no other option but to strategically give in to some demands of the world superpower while at the same time protecting the vital national interests. Pakistan made a decision to side with the international coalition on a conditional basis. This decision was viewed by hard-core religious elements in the region as an act of betrayal with Islam and they termed Pakistan as allies of infidels thus labeling it as an apostate state. Instead of focusing on the invaders, these hard-core religious groups directed all their anger against Pakistan making `takfir` and called for waging a holy war or Jihad against Pakistan.

These extremist religious groups started a campaign of bloodbath across the country targeting military and civilians. With no end of these ruthless activities in sight, Pakistan military along with public support started a decisive campaign to wipe out these ruthless Kharijis-Takfiris from the land of pure.

Soldier search for Khariji Taliban (TTP) terrorists during offensive in Swat.

Artillery pound safe havens of Al-Qaeda and Taliban (TTP) terrorists during offensive in Kurram Agency in July 2011.

Troops patrol through deserted streets of Swat to push back the Taliban terrorists.

After a firefight with TTP khariji terrorists, soldiers display their weapons which they used for their brutal tactics to enforce Shariah.

Media persons and troops look at dead bodies of TTP terrorists killed in a firefight.

Local armed militia raise their rifles to greet Pakistani soldiers in Bajaur after taking it back from the TTP and Al-Qaeda militants in March 2010

Pak troops maintaining their presence in Swat to push back the TTP terrorists during year 2008.

Soldiers taking over the hideouts of TTP terrorists in Swat during year 2008.

Pakistani troops take positions in Kot Kai in South Waziristan during a decisive operation against Al-Qaeda takfiri terrorists in November 2009.

The helpless hideouts of Al-Qaeda terrorists telling their fate.

Troops maintaining their presence South Waziristan.

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