Kargil Conflict 1999

Allah u Akbar - Shelling Indian military positions.

Prayers for success and victory.

Slogans of Allah u Akbar go up as Pakistani soldiers fire anti-aircraft guns on the enemy from Kharmang sector.

Freedom fighters from Al-Badar Mujahideen group at a captured Indian Army post in Batalik sector.

Troops retrieve the wreckage of Indian MiG-21 jet in Hunzi Ghund. May 1999

Smoke rises from Indian Army post hit and destroyed by Pak artillery. June 1999

Vigilant soldier at an observation post calls artillery fire to strike passing Indian Army convoy. June 1999

Pakistani gunners shelling Indian positions from Brasil Chu just 5 kilometers away from Kargil. 15 June 1999

Pak artillery strikes Indian Army barracks. June 1999

Fighters from Hizb-ul-Mujahideen offer Zuhr prayers in Kargil sector as conflict continues and Indian Army makes desperate attempts to recapture the strategic peaks. June 1999

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addressing troops during the conflict - the victorious capture of Kargil peaks by Mujahideen is the fruit of their 11 years of struggle for freedom.

Pak artillery shell strikes above an abandoned Indian Army post near Drass. 4 June 1999

Pak Army gun position in Mushong sector. 5 June 1999

With cotton stuffed in ears, a gunner loads an artillery shell and gets ready to pound Indian positions from Mushong sector.

Indian supply road comes under Pakistani shelling. The capture of different strategic Indian posts had cut off their supply route to Siachen glacier.

Pak Army soldier observing an Indian post. 26 June 1999

Guerilla fighters from Hizb-ul-Mujahideen moving forward to join the battle in Kargil sector.

DG ISPR Brig. Rashid Qureshi addressing a press conference - according to Indian television, Rajputana Rifles burried 130 dead soldiers. India used twenty seven battalions against the Mujahideen and at fourteen different occasions against the Pakistan Army on the Line of Control.

Captured and abandoned weapons of Indian Army at display.

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