Siachen Glacier - The Highest Battle Field Of The World

Allah u Akbar .. Artillery thunder shakes the Karakoram Range as Pakistani soldiers trade fire with Indians across the Siachen Glacier.

Pak Army patrol praying before leaving for a high camp.

View from Sher post, a high altitude Pakistani forward position.

Gun position at the frontline nearly 2000 meters away from Indians.

Pakistani gunners making life miserable for any Indian observers hidden on the ridge line.

Pak Army soldiers walk above their post at a height of 18,655 feet, soldiers generally spend 90 days at a high altitude base before descending.

3 o'clock .. Time to wake up the Indians.

Pakistani soldiers at a camp on the glacier offering prayers.

Captain telling the story of Allah holding the rope for his men, while climbing a cliff with soldiers the rope broke and they were about to fall in a crevice when suddenly the rope stopped falling, the men continued to climb and after reaching the peak they saw that the rope was broken lying by itself.