Operation Silence

And when they are told, "Do not spread corruption on earth," they answer, "We are but improving things!". Oh, verily, it is they, they who are spreading corruption but they perceive it not?. Al-Baqarah 11-12

Hazrat Ali (RA) narrated as follows: "I heard the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) as saying that as the Day of Qiyamah approaches there will appear a group of youths with a low mental capacity and understanding, apparently they will talk of good but their Imaan will not go beyond their throat and they will leave the true Deen like an arrow leaves the prey. Wherever you find them, you should make Jihad with them. (Bukhari Shareef, pp/1024)

Lal Masjid and annexed Jamia Hafsa - Flash point of hostile campaign to enforce Shariah with aggression.

Troops get ready for operation against the Kharijis of Lal Masjid-Jamia Hafsa seminary. 4 July 2007

Soldiers from 11 AK Regt. and APC at an entry point of the troubled area in Islamabad. 4 July 2007

Rangers lay barbed wire as they block a road near the Red Mosque during a curfew in Islamabad. 4 July 2007

Rangers patrol a road near the Red Mosque during a curfew in Islamabad. 4 July 2007

Cobra helicopters fly over the Red Mosque during a heavy exchange of fire between paramilitary soldiers and militants. 5 July 2007.

Rangers stand alert as a pair of students leave the Red Mosque with their hands in the air after surrendering to authorities. 5 July 2007

Troops cordon off a street with barbed wire at main battle area of Lal Masjid in Islamabad. 6 July 2007

Rangers take shelter under trees during a gun battle with the renegades of Red Mosque. 6 July 2007

Soldiers arrive near the Lal Masjid during the seige. 6 July 2007

Soldiers keep position behind barbed wire at the vicinity of the Lal Masjid. 7 July 2007

Rangers carry ammunition and other stuff as they arrive at Red Mosque. 7 July 2007

APC patrols near the Red Mosque during a heavy exchange of fire between troops and Takfiri militants. 7 July 2007

An officer of Rangers excorts a young religious student who escaped from the beseiged Red Mosque. 7 July 2007

Soldier monitors behind a bunker at vicinity of Lal Masjid. 8 July 2007

Rangers head to front position near the Lal Masjid. 9 July 2007

Commandos from Zarrar Company move ahead to storm the Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa seminary. 10 July 2007

Commandos move towards the Lal Masjid for the assault. 10 July 2007

Commandos get ready outside the complex before a strike against the takfiri militants. 10 July 2007

Commandos leave after completing the operation. 11 July 2007